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A Bit About Me

"Feathers don't have to be just a trend.  They're of nature,  and therefore are timeless. " 

I have always been an artist, even since I was a child.  I would go around & draw everything in our house, from my unicorns to tchotckes.  I was always the one to move the furniture around in our house growing up.  I would put my little legs on the wall and push the sofa with all of my strength.  My need for creativity carried on thru school and college.  I took classes in ceramics, metals, drawing and painting.  During college I did some modeling and discovered the fashion world.  In love with that world, I moved to LA for make-up school and worked as a make-up artist & hair stylist in the industry.  I have moved around the country doing make-up & hair in LA, Miami and NY.


I've always felt a connection to feathers and have been collecting them all of my life, each one a found treasure.  Feathers are tough enough to weather a storm, yet delicate and soft - ethereal. 


So after painting feathers on canvas for years, I dreamt up a more modern approach of visualizing them.  My fashion background, obsession for interior design & creativity all come into play when I'm creating these.


Feathers don't have to be just a trend.  They're of nature, & therefore are timeless. 


My art is an interesting alternative to framed artwork, & adds a textural element to the room.  They can stand alone or be put into a grouping on the wall.  Personally, I love lining a staircase with them.  They work in all design styles... from traditional to mid-century to boho.

While creating, each piece is a unique journey that can take unexpected twists and turns.  I've learned to trust that process.  It's the one place I'm not confined by rules.  There's freedom in art.




Please note, I am not currently taking on commission work.

Photo credits: Aliza Rae Photography

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