A Bit About Me

"Feathers don't have to be just a trend.  They're of nature,  and therefore are timeless. " 

I have always been an artist, even since I was a child.  I would go around & draw everything in our house, from my unicorns to tchotckes.  I was always the one to move the furniture around in our house growing up.  I would put my little legs on the wall and push the sofa with all of my strength.  My need for creativity carried on thru school and college.  I took classes in ceramics, metals, drawing and painting.  During college I did some modeling and discovered the fashion world.  In love with that world, I moved to LA for make-up school.  I have been a working make-up artist & hair stylist in the industry for 16 years.  I have moved around the country doing make-up & hair in LA, Miami and NY.


I've always felt a connection to feathers and their spiritual meaning. I have been collecting them all of my life, each one a found treasure.  Feathers are tough enough to weather a storm, yet delicate and soft - ethereal.  Feathers symbolize wisdom, power & strength in Native American beliefs.  I've always had an affinity to Native American culture & draw inspiration from it.  I respect thier race and the beauty they instill in it.  There's a connectedness with nature we can learn from them.  I believe incorporating natural elements into our homes grounds us. 


So after painting feathers on canvas for years, I dreamt up a more modern approach of visualizing them - something other than a dreamcatcher.  My fashion background, obsession for interior design & creativity all come into play when I'm creating these.




Feathers don't have to be just a trend.  They're of nature, therefore are timeless.  My wall hangings are an interesting alternative to framed artwork, and add a textural element to a room.  They can stand alone or be put into a grouping on the wall.  They are modern bohemian, luxe & a little rock n' roll.


There is no better feeling than having your artwork recognized and loved.  To affect someone's daily life in their home.  To have someone smile, when they pass by a piece of artwork they have curated for their home.  To bring it into their sanctuary... for me, that's a true honor.



Xo, Kristen


P.S.  I am currently not taking on any commission orders at this time.  What is available is in my shop.  I am focusing on what feeds my soul, & that is to constantly evolve & grow my artwork.  I will be adding pieces regulary, so please check back often.



Photo credits: Aliza Rae Photography

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